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    SOD1 is a synthetic lethal target in PPM1D-mutant leukemia cells

    Linda Zhang, Joanne I. Hsu ... Margaret A. Goodell
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    Activity-dependent mitochondrial ROS signaling regulates recruitment of glutamate receptors to synapses

    Rachel L Doser, Kaz M Knight ... Frederic J Hoerndli
    In response to neuronal activity in vivo, mitochondria in dendrites of excitatory neurons inhibit recruitment of ionotropic glutamate receptors through a reactive oxygen signaling mechanism.
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    Pigmentation level of human iPSC-derived retinal pigment epithelium cell does not indicate a specific gene expression profile

    Yoko Nakai-Futatsugi, Jianshi Jin ... Masayo Takahashi
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    Endocytic recycling is central to circadian collagen fibrillogenesis and disrupted in fibrosis

    Joan Chang, Adam Pickard ... Karl E. Kadler
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    Tgif1-deficiency impairs cytoskeletal architecture in osteoblasts by activating PAK3 signaling

    Simona Bolamperti, Hiroaki Saito ... Hanna Taipaleenmäki
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    Dynamic localization of the chromosomal passenger complex in trypanosomes is controlled by the orphan kinesins KIN-A and KIN-B

    Daniel Ballmer, Bungo Akiyoshi
    The kinetoplastid parasite Trypanosoma brucei employs a unique mechanism to target the conserved Aurora B kinase to kinetochores and the central spindle.