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    1. Plant Biology

    The AUX1-AFB1-CNGC14 module establishes a longitudinal root surface pH profile

    Nelson BC Serre, Daša Wernerová ... Matyáš Fendrych
    Plant roots can rapidly change the acidity of their cell walls and the root-soil interface to efficiently navigate in the soil environment.
    1. Evolutionary Biology
    2. Plant Biology

    Environment as a limiting factor of the historical global spread of mungbean

    Pei-Wen Ong, Ya-Ping Lin ... Cheng-Ruei Lee
    After domestication, the cultivation range expansion of crops was not solely dictated by human activity but instead constrained by climatic factors, which in turn resulted in distinct phenotypic characteristics of locally adaptive landraces.
    1. Plant Biology

    Why did glutamate, GABA, and melatonin become intercellular signalling molecules in plants?

    Yaron Caspi, Chrysoula K Pantazopoulou ... Kaisa Kajala
    Recent findings about the possible intercellular signalling role of glutamate, GABA, and melatonin might help to establish hypotheses concerning the evolutionary factors that caused intercellular organisms to use specific molecules in intercellular signalling.
    1. Plant Biology

    A dual function of the IDA peptide in regulating cell separation and modulating plant immunity at the molecular level

    Vilde Olsson Lalun, Maike Breiden ... Melinka A. Butenko
    1. Plant Biology

    Plant Arbovirus Mobilizes a Vector Salivary Protein to Initiate Plant Infection

    Jing Zhao, Jie Yang ... Lili Zhang