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    1. Ecology
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    High-resolution kinetics of herbivore-induced plant volatile transfer reveal clocked response patterns in neighboring plants

    Jamie Mitchel Waterman, Tristan Michael Cofer ... Matthias Erb
    Real-time volatile emission kinetics reveal stress volatiles emitted from herbivore-damaged plants can sequentially prime and induce defense responses in undamaged plants following distinct temporal patterns.
    1. Cell Biology
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    Developmental patterning function of GNOM ARF-GEF mediated from the cell periphery

    Maciek Adamowski, Ivana Matijević, Jiří Friml
    The plant developmental regulator GNOM performs its unique function from the cell periphery, through sequence features present in all its domains, and not by the control of endocytosis.
    1. Biochemistry and Chemical Biology
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    A translation proofreader of archaeal origin imparts multi-aldehyde stress tolerance to land plants

    Pradeep Kumar, Ankit Roy ... Rajan Sankaranarayanan
    Genetic, biochemical, and bioinformatic analyses reveal how expanding metabolic repertoire interferes with fundamental processes like protein synthesis inside cells and the role of D-aminoacyl-tRNA deacylase2 in protecting these processes during terrestrialisation.
    1. Evolutionary Biology
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    Positive selection and relaxed purifying selection contribute to rapid evolution of male-biased genes in a dioecious flowering plant

    Lei Zhao, Wei Zhou ... Hong-Tao Li
    Computational analyses, for the first time in plants, reveal how male-biased genes evolve faster than female-biased and unbiased genes.
    1. Plant Biology

    The tRNA thiolation-mediated translational control is essential for plant immunity

    Xueao Zheng, Hanchen Chen ... Shunping Yan
    The transfer RNA thiolation modification is required for the efficient translation of the master immune regulator NPR1 in plants.
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    Unprecedented yet gradual nature of first millennium CE intercontinental crop plant dispersal revealed in ancient Negev desert refuse

    Daniel Fuks, Yoel Melamed ... Ehud Weiss
    New archaeobotanical data from Negev Highland rubbish middens demonstrate that crop diversity in the Southern Levant expanded more during the first millennium CE than in any earlier period, yet with minimal consequences for consumption and production patterns.
    1. Plant Biology

    Glutaredoxin regulation of primary root growth is associated with early drought stress tolerance in pearl millet

    Carla de la Fuente, Alexandre Grondin ... Laurent Laplaze
    Increased primary root growth in pearl millet is correlated with early water stress tolerance, an important constraint in agrosystems in the Sahel, and is associated with the regulation of root cell elongation by a glutaredoxin.
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    Soil-borne fungi alter the apoplastic purinergic signaling in plants by deregulating the homeostasis of extracellular ATP and its metabolite adenosine

    Christopher Kesten, Valentin Leitner ... Clara Sanchez-Rodriguez
    Biochemical and in vivo physiology imaging reveal that plant pathogens actively imbalance the apoplastic eAdo/eATP levels as a virulence mechanism.
    1. Plant Biology

    Soybean RIN4 represents a mechanistic link between plant immune and symbiotic signaling

    Katalin Tóth, Daewon Kim ... Gary Stacey