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Plant Biology

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    Natural genetic variation underlying the negative effect of elevated CO2 on ionome composition in Arabidopsis thaliana

    Oceane Cassan, Lea-Lou Pimpare ... Antoine Martin
    Plants show a high level of genetic diversity in their response to elevated CO2, suggesting the presence of genetic mechanisms that will allow them to adapt to this environmental change.
    1. Plant Biology

    H1 restricts euchromatin-associated methylation pathways from heterochromatic encroachment

    C. Jake Harris, Zhenhui Zhong ... Steven E. Jacobsen
    1. Plant Biology

    Improving rice drought tolerance through host-mediated microbiome selection

    Alex Styer, Dean Pettinga ... Devin Coleman-Derr
    1. Plant Biology

    Pectin methylesterase activity is required for RALF1 peptide signalling output

    Ann-Kathrin Rößling, Kai Dünser ... Jürgen Kleine-Vehn
    1. Plant Biology

    A shade-responsive microProtein in the Arabidopsis ATHB2 gene regulates elongation growth and root development

    Ashleigh Edwards, Maurizio Junior Chiurazzi ... Stephan Wenkel
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    2. Plant Biology

    Guanidine production by plant homoarginine-6-hydroxylases

    Dietmar Funck, Malte Sinn ... Jörg S Hartig
    2-Oxoglutarate and Fe(II)-dependent dioxygenases from clade C23 are the major source of guanidine in plants and release guanidine from arginine or homoarginine by C5 or C6 hydroxylation, respectively.
    1. Plant Biology

    A dual function of the IDA peptide in regulating cell separation and modulating plant immunity at the molecular level

    Vilde Olsson Lalun, Maike Breiden ... Melinka A. Butenko


    1. Plant Biology

    Hitting pause on the cell cycle

    Thomas Eekhout, Lieven De Veylder

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