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Plant Biology

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    Arabidopsis transcriptome responses to low water potential using high-throughput plate assays

    Stephen Gonzalez, Joseph Swift ... Joseph R Ecker
    The 'low water' agar assay provides a reliable and practical high-throughput method for studying plant molecular signaling responses to drought stress.
    1. Plant Biology

    Distinct effects of phyllosphere and rhizosphere microbes on invader Ageratina adenophora during its early life stages

    Zhao-Ying Zeng, Jun-Rong Huang ... Han-Bo Zhang
    An inoculation experiment shows phyllosphere microbiome plays an important role in invader Ageratina adenophora population establishment by killing seedlings at very early growth stage.
    1. Plant Biology

    A dual function of the IDA peptide in regulating cell separation and modulating plant immunity at the molecular level

    Vilde Olsson Lalun, Maike Breiden ... Melinka A Butenko
    A molecular investigation on the role of the peptide ligand inflorescence deficient in abscission (IDA) in regulating immunity and development during cell separation in Arabidopsis thaliana.
    1. Plant Biology

    Plant Cell Wall: Interplay between structure and signaling

    David Biermann, Sebastian Wolf
    Modification of pectin, a component of the plant cell wall, is required to facilitate signaling by a RALF peptide, which is essential for many physiological and developmental processes.
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    1. Plant Biology

    H1 restricts euchromatin-associated methylation pathways from heterochromatic encroachment

    C Jake Harris, Zhenhui Zhong ... Steven E Jacobsen
    The efficient deployment of RdDM for transposon silencing is hierarchically controlled by the linker histone H1.
    1. Plant Biology

    Natural genetic variation underlying the negative effect of elevated CO2 on ionome composition in Arabidopsis thaliana

    Oceane Cassan, Lea-Lou Pimpare ... Antoine Martin
    Plants show a high level of genetic diversity in their response to elevated CO2, suggesting the presence of genetic mechanisms that will allow them to adapt to this environmental change.


    1. Plant Biology

    Pectin and the plant cell wall

    David Biermann, Sebastian Wolf
    1. Plant Biology

    Hitting pause on the cell cycle

    Thomas Eekhout, Lieven De Veylder

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