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    Vicia faba SV channel VfTPC1 is a hyperexcitable variant of plant vacuole Two Pore Channels

    Jinping Lu, Ingo Dreyer ... Rainer Hedrich
    Polymorphic residues of a vacuolar Ca2+ sensor site in TPC1 channels differ between species of Brassicacea and Fabaceae and lead to distinct TPC1 gating behavior.
    1. Plant Biology

    Characterization of tryptophan oxidation affecting D1 degradation by FtsH in the photosystem II quality control of chloroplasts

    Yusuke Kato, Hiroshi Kuroda ... Wataru Sakamoto
    Oxidative modification of Tryptophan residues in the reaction center protein D1 may be a key to drive the Photosystem II repair, likely enhancing accessibility of FtsH protease to D1.
    1. Developmental Biology
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    The Arabidopsis SHORTROOT network coordinates shoot apical meristem development with auxin-dependent lateral organ initiation

    Elmehdi Bahafid, Imke Bradtmöller ... Rüdiger GW Simon
    Mutant and gene expression analyses shows that phytohormones and mobile transcription factors interact to coordinate organ formation with stem cell maintenance in the plant shoot meristem.
    1. Plant Biology

    Cell-type-specific control of secondary cell wall formation by Musashi-type translational regulators in Arabidopsis

    Alicia Kairouani, Dominique Pontier ... Thierry Lagrange
    Musashi-mediated post-transcriptional mechanisms regulate glucuronoxylan modification and secondary cell wall formation in the supportive fibre cells of stem in plants.
    1. Plant Biology

    Tetraose steroidal glycoalkaloids from potato provide resistance against Alternaria solani and Colorado potato beetle

    Pieter J Wolters, Doret Wouters ... Vivianne GAA Vleeshouwers
    Chemical modifications of steroidal glycoalkaloids of potato can cause strong resistance against the necrotrophic early blight fungus as well as the Colorado potato beetle.
    1. Plant Biology
    2. Structural Biology and Molecular Biophysics

    Carotenoid assembly regulates quinone diffusion and the Roseiflexus castenholzii reaction center-light harvesting complex architecture

    Jiyu Xin, Yang Shi ... Xiaoling Xu
    Investigations of the reaction center (RC)-light harvesting (LH) complex from an ancient chlorosome-less anoxygenic phototroph Roseiflexus castenholzii reveal the structural basis by which carotenoids assembly regulates the architecture and quinone exchange of bacterial RC-LH complex.
    1. Plant Biology

    Interdependence of a kinase and its cognate substrate plasma membrane nanoscale dynamics underlies Arabidopsis response to viral infection

    Marie-Dominique Jolivet, Anne-Flore Deroubaix ... Véronique Germain
    1. Ecology
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    An ecological network approach for detecting and validating influential organisms for rice growth

    Masayuki Ushio, Hiroki Saito ... Atsushi J Nagano
    By leveraging quantitative environmental DNA metabarcoding and ecological network analysis, influential organisms in rice fields are identified, thereby revealing potential avenues for environmentally friendly agricultural practices.