1. Cell Biology
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Carcinogenesis: Targeting the link between late pregnancy and breast cancer

  1. Balabhadrapatruni VSK Chakravarthi
  2. Sooryanarayana Varambally  Is a corresponding author
  1. University of Michigan, United States
  2. the Comprehensive Cancer Center, University of Michigan, United States
Cite this article as: eLife 2013;2:e01926 doi: 10.7554/eLife.01926
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Blocking Jak2-STAT5 activity can reduce the breast cancer risk associated with late-age pregnancy.

During pregnancy (left), pre-existing precancerous cells (filled in) activate the PRLR-Jak2-STAT5 signalling pathway, accelerating their progression to fully cancerous cells (right). Haricharan et al. show that this pathway can be blocked by various molecules, including Ruxolitinib, AG490 and C188-9.

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