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  1. Max Werth
  2. Kai M Schmidt-Ott
  3. Thomas Leete
  4. Andong Qiu
  5. Christian Hinze
  6. Melanie Viltard
  7. Neal Paragas
  8. Carrie J Shawber
  9. Wenqiang Yu
  10. Peter Lee
  11. Xia Chen
  12. Abby Sarkar
  13. Weiyi Mu
  14. Alexander Rittenberg
  15. Chyuan-Sheng Lin
  16. Jan Kitajewski
  17. Qais Al-Awqati
  18. Jonathan Barasch
Transcription factor TFCP2L1 patterns cells in the mouse kidney collecting ducts
eLife 6:e24265.