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  2. Neuroscience
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NetPyNE, a tool for data-driven multiscale modeling of brain circuits

  1. Salvador Dura-Bernal  Is a corresponding author
  2. Benjamin A Suter
  3. Padraig Gleeson
  4. Matteo Cantarelli
  5. Adrian Quintana
  6. Facundo Rodriguez
  7. David J Kedziora
  8. George L Chadderdon
  9. Cliff C Kerr
  10. Samuel A Neymotin
  11. Robert A McDougal
  12. Michael Hines
  13. Gordon M G Shepherd
  14. William W Lytton
  1. State University of New York Downstate Medical Center, United States
  2. Northwestern University, United States
  3. University College London, United Kingdom
  4. Metacell LLC, United States
  5. EyeSeeTea Ltd, United Kingdom
  6. University of Sydney, Australia
  7. Yale University, United States
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Cite this article as: eLife 2019;8:e44494 doi: 10.7554/eLife.44494
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Data availability

All data and models used in this work are publicly available from the following GitHub and ModelDB links:- Fig 3: https://github.com/Neurosim-lab/netpyne/tree/paper/examples/paper/fig3- Fig 5: https://github.com/Neurosim-lab/netpyne/tree/paper/examples/paper/fig5- Fig 6: https://github.com/Neurosim-lab/netpyne/tree/paper/examples/paper/fig6- Fig 7: https://github.com/Neurosim-lab/netpyne/tree/paper/examples/paper/fig7- Fig 8: https://github.com/Neurosim-lab/netpyne/tree/paper/examples/paper/fig8- Fig 9A: https://github.com/ceciliaromaro/PD_in_NetPyNE- Fig 9B: https://github.com/rtekin/myKnoxRepo- Fig 9C: https://github.com/rodriguez-facundo/LASCON-project- Fig 9D: https://github.com/angietep/CA1-NetPyNE-modelTable 1:Dentate gyrus:- Original: https://modeldb.yale.edu/155568- NetPyNE: https://github.com/rodriguez-facundo/LASCON-projectCA1 microcircuits:- Original: https://modeldb.yale.edu/123815- NetPyNE: https://github.com/angietep/CA1-NetPyNE-modelEpilepsy in thalamocortex:- Original: https://modeldb.yale.edu/234233- NetPyNE: https://github.com/rodriguez-facundo/LASCON-projectEEG and MEG in cortex / HNN model:- Original: https://github.com/jonescompneurolab/hnn- NetPyNE: https://github.com/jonescompneurolab/hnn/tree/netpyneMotor cortex with RL:
- Original: https://modeldb.yale.edu/183014- NetPyNE: https://github.com/Neurosim-lab/netpyne/tree/development/examples/RL_armCortical microcircuits:- Original: https://github.com/OpenSourceBrain/PotjansDiesmann2014/tree/master/PyNEST- NetPyNE: https://github.com/ceciliaromaro/PD_in_NetPyNE

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