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  1. Michelle Chan
  2. Han Yuan
  3. Ilya Soifer
  4. Tobias M Maile
  5. Rebecca Y Wang
  6. Andrea Ireland
  7. Jonathon J O'Brien
  8. Jérôme Goudeau
  9. Leanne JG Chan
  10. Twaritha Vijay
  11. Adam Freund
  12. Cynthia Kenyon
  13. Bryson D Bennett
  14. Fiona E McAllister
  15. David R Kelley
  16. Margaret Roy
  17. Robert L Cohen
  18. Arthur D Levinson
  19. David Botstein
  20. David G Hendrickson
Novel insights from a multiomics dissection of the hayflick limit
eLife 11:e70283.