• Figure 5.
    Download figureOpen in new tabFigure 5. Potential diversity of Rev oligomeric structures and functional implications.

    Three types of Rev–Rev interactions observed by crystallography, Rev dimers in the RNA-free (Daugherty et al., 2010b) or RNA-bound states (the current structure) and a Rev dimer using the higher-order oligomer interface (DiMattia et al., 2010) are shown within the circle with Rev in grey and the Rev-ARMs in blue. (A) The higher-order oligomer interface was used to combine Rev dimers in the RNA-free state or RNA-bound state in various arrangements to generate examples of hexamers with different architectures. (B) Models illustrating how changes to the RRE structure (red) can alter the architecture of Rev oligomer. Such changes can alter the Rev-RRE ‘jellyfish’ architecture and spatial distribution of NESs, potentially changing their local effective concentration and avidity for the Crm1 dimer (in grey, with RanGTP in light brown and NES-binding sites in yellow), thereby tuning nuclear export activity. Coordinates of the Crm1-RanGTP dimer are from Booth et al., 2014.

    DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.7554/eLife.04120.018

  • Table 1.

    Diffraction data collection and refinement statistics

    DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.7554/eLife.04120.007

    NativeTungsten derivative
    Data Collection
     Space groupP 41 3 2P 41 21 2
     Cell Dimensions
     a, b, c (Å)165.3, 165.3, 165.3147.22, 147.22, 199.44
     α, β, γ (°)90, 90, 9090, 90, 90
     Resolution (Å)45.85 − 3.2 (3.314 − 3.2)*49.34 − 5.55 (5.75 − 5.55)
     Redundancy25.9 (15.9)15.2 (13.6)
     Completeness (%)99.72 (98.36)99.6 (96.5)
    I/σI21.56 (1.74)13 (1.8)
     R-meas0.138 (2)0.151 (1.52)
     Resolution (Å)45.85 − 3.2 (3.31 − 3.2)
     No. reflections342771 (20153)
     Rwork/Rfree19.3 (27.7)/21.1 (30.7)
     No. atoms
     RMS deviations
     Bond lengths (Å)0.002
     Bond angles (°)0.39
    • Statistics for the highest-resolution shell are shown in parentheses.

  • The following dataset was generated:

    Jayaraman B, Crosby DC, Homer C, Ribeiro I, Mavor D, Frankel AD, 2014, Atomic coordinates and structure factors for the Rev dimer-RRE crystal structure, http://www.pdb.org/pdb/explore/explore.do?structureId=4PMI, Publicly available at RCSB Protein Data Bank.