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  1. Killer immune cells that halt malaria could hold key to new vaccines

    Discovery by US researchers provides a new mechanism that could be exploited in the mission to create a malaria vaccine.
  2. Timings and behaviour influence worm’s response to force

    New study in roundworms lays the foundation for future research into how the brain processes sensory signals and turns them into actions.
  3. Media coverage: May roundup of eLife papers in the news

    High-profile news coverage that eLife papers generated in May 2018, including The New York Times, Scientific American and Nature.
  4. Scientists reveal how gut microbes ‘recover’ after antibiotic treatment

    New research on how antibiotics affect the community of microbes in our gut could help inform the development of drugs to treat microbial disorders or prevent antibiotic-associated infections.
  5. Cell type and environment influence protein turnover in the brain

    New findings provide insight on how the components of different cells in the brain are altered, which could affect our abilities to learn and form memories.
  6. Self-consistency influences how we make decisions

    New research suggests our decision making is biased by our past judgments as a way of remaining self-consistent.
  7. Media coverage: April roundup of eLife papers in the news

    High-profile news coverage that eLife papers generated in April 2018, including the National Post, Newsweek and The Scientist.
  8. Study challenges ‘shock and kill’ approach to eliminating HIV

    New findings suggest the need to explore alternative treatment strategies against HIV.
  9. Model can predict success of treatments that manipulate the gut microbiota

    Researchers present new model that "can be considered a stepping stone to the development and rational design of microbiome therapies".
  10. Scientists identify potential targets for new autoimmune disease treatments

    New findings could have implications for the development of treatments for conditions where the body is attacked by the immune system.