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    1. Cancer Biology

    Metastasis of colon cancer requires Dickkopf-2 to generate cancer cells with Paneth cell properties

    Jae Hun Shin, Jooyoung Park ... Alfred L. M. Bothwell
    1. Cancer Biology

    In vivo targeted and deterministic single cell malignant transformation

    Pierluigi Scerbo, Benjamin Tisserand ... Bertrand Ducos
    1. Cancer Biology
    2. Genetics and Genomics

    DUX4 is a common driver of immune evasion and immunotherapy failure in metastatic cancers

    Jose Mario Bello Pineda, Robert K Bradley
    DUX4 expression is a common feature of metastatic tumors, where it is significantly associated with immune cell exclusion, decreased objective response to immune checkpoint blockade, and reduced patient survival.
    1. Cancer Biology
    2. Cell Biology

    mitoBKCa is functionally expressed in murine and human breast cancer cells and potentially contributes to metabolic reprogramming

    Helmut Bischof, Selina Maier ... Robert Lukowski
    A novel role of the mitochondrial BKCa channel involves the metabolic reprogramming of breast cancer cells, facilitating their unrestricted proliferation and O2-independence, which is also of potential clinical relevance.
    1. Cancer Biology
    2. Immunology and Inflammation

    Chromosomal instability induced in cancer can enhance macrophage-initiated immune responses that include anti-tumor IgG

    Brandon H Hayes, Mai Wang ... Dennis E Discher
    Chromosomal instability induced in solid tumors can combine with macrophages that are made highly phagocytic to thereby initiate elimination of and immunity against poorly immunogenic tumors in immunocompetent mice.
    1. Cancer Biology

    Metabolite profiling of human renal cell carcinoma reveals tissue-origin dominance in nutrient availability

    Keene L Abbott, Ahmed Ali ... Matthew G Vander Heiden
    Assessing metabolites in renal cell carcinoma and kidney tissue suggests cancers adapt rather than dictate nutrient availability.