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    Wide-ranging consequences of priority effects governed by an overarching factor

    Callie R Chappell, Manpreet K Dhami ... Tadashi Fukami
    Analysis of microbial communities in floral nectar shows that it is possible to identify an overarching factor that governs the eco-evolutionary dynamics of priority effects across multiple levels of biological organization.
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    Contrasting parental roles shape sex differences in poison frog space use but not navigational performance

    Andrius Pašukonis, Shirley Jennifer Serrano-Rojas ... Lauren A O'Connell
    Extensive field studies in poison frogs reveal that sex and species differences in parental behavior drive differences in space use patterns but not navigational performance and highlight the interplay between androgen levels and poison frog spatial behavior.
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    Mandrill mothers associate with infants who look like their own offspring using phenotype matching

    Marie JE Charpentier, Clémence Poirotte ... Julien P Renoult
    Mandrill mothers know best because they use their offspring’s facial resemblance with other infants to guide their social opportunities towards similar-looking ones as an adaptive maternal behavior.
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    Gastrointestinal helminths increase Bordetella bronchiseptica shedding and host variation in supershedding

    Nhat TD Nguyen, Ashutosh K Pathak, Isabella M Cattadori
    Helminth infected hosts are an important cause of variation in the level, frequency and duration of Bordetella bronchiseptica shedding and dynamics of infection.
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    Point of View: The biospheric emergency calls for scientists to change tactics

    Fernando Racimo, Elia Valentini ... Julia B Halder
    The ever-worsening climate and ecological crises calls for life scientists to engage in advocacy and activism to galvanise governments and the public into action.
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    Microplankton life histories revealed by holographic microscopy and deep learning

    Harshith Bachimanchi, Benjamin Midtvedt ... Giovanni Volpe
    The combination of holographic microscopy and deep learning provides a revolutionary tool for plankton ecology that will permit researchers to observe and study the life, feeding habits and reproduction of plankton with unprecedented detail.
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    Anopheles homing suppression drive candidates exhibit unexpected performance differences in simulations with spatial structure

    Samuel E Champer, Isabel K Kim ... Jackson Champer
    Continuous space models indicate that current homing suppression drives may have difficulty eliminating wild mosquito populations, but building a successful drive may still be possible with current tools.
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    Species clustering, climate effects, and introduced species in 5 million city trees across 63 US cities

    Dakota E McCoy, Benjamin Goulet-Scott ... John Kartesz
    Across 63 large US cities, street tree communities are shaped by climate, clustered by species, and made more similar between cities due to the presence of introduced species.
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    Rapid transgenerational adaptation in response to intercropping reduces competition

    Laura Stefan, Nadine Engbersen, Christian Schöb
    Annual crop communities are able to adapt towards reduced competition and/or increased facilitation in response to their neighboring diversity after only two generations.
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    Touch-sensitive stamens enhance pollen dispersal by scaring away visitors

    Deng-Fei Li, Wen-Long Han ... Shuang-Quan Huang
    Botanists have long speculated about the adaptive value of visitor-triggered stamen movements, and here experiments that compare flowers with and without mobile stamens demonstrate large effects of stamen movements on pollen export, receipt, and nectar costs per pollen transport.