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    Exploring factors shaping antibiotic resistance patterns in Streptococcus pneumoniae during the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic

    Aleksandra Kovacevic, David RM Smith ... Lulla Opatowski
    The mathematical modeling approach disentangles the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on antibiotic resistance in Streptococcus pneumoniae in the community setting and identifies the three most plausible driving mechanisms responsible for the observed trends in invasive isolates and pneumococcal carriage.
    1. Ecology

    Linking root-associated fungal and bacterial functions to root economics

    Ran Wu, Xiaoyue Zeng ... Weile Chen
    1. Ecology

    Effects of blood meal source and seasonality on reproductive traits of Culex quinquefasciatus (Diptera: Culicidae)

    Kevin Alen Rucci, Mariana Pueta, Adrián Díaz
    1. Ecology

    Intra and interspecific diversity in a tropical plant clade alter herbivory and ecosystem resilience

    Ari J. Grele, Tara J. Massad ... Lora A. Richards
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    Small deviations in kinematics and body form dictate muscle performances in the finely tuned avian downstroke

    Marc E Deetjen, Diana D Chin ... David Lentink
    Doves improve their wingbeat efficacy without elevating maximum pectoralis power by angling their wings mid-downstroke to efficiently generate aerodynamic force while simultaneously tensioning the supracoracoideus tendon to assist the upstroke.
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    2. Plant Biology

    High-resolution kinetics of herbivore-induced plant volatile transfer reveal clocked response patterns in neighboring plants

    Jamie Mitchel Waterman, Tristan Michael Cofer ... Matthias Erb
    Real-time volatile emission kinetics reveal stress volatiles emitted from herbivore-damaged plants can sequentially prime and induce defense responses in undamaged plants following distinct temporal patterns.
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    Polysaccharide breakdown products drive degradation-dispersal cycles of foraging bacteria through changes in metabolism and motility

    Astrid KM Stubbusch, Johannes M. Keegstra ... Glen G D’Souza
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    Species and habitat specific changes in bird activity in an urban environment during Covid 19 lockdown

    Congnan Sun, Yoel Hassin ... Yossi Yovel
    Bird activity during Covid 19 lockdown changed depending on species and site, as well as on environmental parameters and heterospecific (e.g., human) activity, revealing a complex and dynamic urban ecological system.
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    2. Plant Biology

    Unprecedented yet gradual nature of first millennium CE intercontinental crop plant dispersal revealed in ancient Negev desert refuse

    Daniel Fuks, Yoel Melamed ... Ehud Weiss
    New archaeobotanical data from Negev Highland rubbish middens demonstrate that crop diversity in the Southern Levant expanded more during the first millennium CE than in any earlier period, yet with minimal consequences for consumption and production patterns.