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    1. Developmental Biology

    Styxl2 regulates de novo sarcomere assembly by binding to non-muscle myosin IIs and promoting their degradation

    Xianwei Chen, Yanfeng Li ... Zhenguo Wu
    Styxl2, a sarcomeric muscle-specific pseudophosphatase in vertebrates, functions in sarcomere assembly by promoting protein degradation of non-muscle myosin IIs.
    1. Developmental Biology

    SMAD4 promotes somatic-germline contact during murine oocyte growth

    Sofia Granados-Aparici, Qin Yang, Hugh J Clarke
    Depletion of the TGFβ signal-transducer, SMAD4, in granulosa cells of growing follicles reduces the number of filopodia, termed transzonal projections, that stably attach to and mediate communication with the oocyte.
    1. Developmental Biology
    2. Genetics and Genomics

    Fetal growth delay caused by loss of non-canonical imprinting is resolved late in pregnancy and culminates in offspring overgrowth

    Ruby Oberin, Sigrid Petautschnig ... Patrick S Western
    Growth-delayed offspring generated from eggs that lacked normal epigenetic programming exhibited a remarkable capacity to undergo late gestational fetal growth recovery, despite inefficient placental function.
    1. Developmental Biology

    Heterogeneity of Sonic Hedgehog response dynamics and fate specification in single neural progenitors

    Fengzhu Xiong, Andrea R. Tentner ... Sean G. Megason
    1. Developmental Biology
    2. Stem Cells and Regenerative Medicine

    Tuning apicobasal polarity and junctional recycling in the hemogenic endothelium orchestrates the morphodynamic complexity of emerging pre-hematopoietic stem cells

    Léa Torcq, Sara Majello ... Anne A Schmidt
    Pre-hematopoietic stem cells emerge from the aortic floor according to two radically different morphodynamics whose biomechanics rely on controlling apicobasal polarity in hemogenic precursors, which may impact on their fate.
    1. Developmental Biology

    An important role for triglyceride in regulating spermatogenesis

    Charlotte F Chao, Yanina-Yasmin Pesch ... Elizabeth Rideout
    Triglyceride plays an important role in regulating sperm development.
    1. Developmental Biology

    Flamingo participates in multiple models of cell competition

    Pablo Sanchez Bosch, Bomsoo Cho, Jeffrey D. Axelrod