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    The MODY-associated KCNK16 L114P mutation increases islet glucagon secretion and limits insulin secretion resulting in transient neonatal diabetes and glucose dyshomeostasis in adults

    Arya Y Nakhe, Prasanna K Dadi ... David A Jacobson
    A mouse model of maturity-onset diabetes of the young illuminates that overactive TALK-1 channels limit β-cell calcium influx through membrane potential hyperpolarization, which blunts insulin secretion and causes glucose intolerance.
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    Morphogenesis: The enigma of cell intercalation

    Raphaël Clément
    Geometric criteria can be used to assess whether cell intercalation is active or passive during the convergent extension of tissue.
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    1. Cell Biology
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    BEND2 is a crucial player in oogenesis and reproductive aging

    Yan Huang, Nina Bucevic ... Ignasi Roig
    1. Developmental Biology
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    Energetic Demands Regulate Sleep-Wake Rhythm Circuit Development

    Amy R. Poe, Lucy Zhu ... Matthew S. Kayser
    1. Developmental Biology
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    Lineage-specific intersection of endothelin and GDNF signaling in enteric nervous system development

    Denise M. Poltavski, Alexander T. Cunha ... Takako Makita
    1. Developmental Biology

    SMAD4 promotes somatic-germline contact during murine oocyte growth

    Sofia Granados-Aparici, Qin Yang, Hugh Clarke
    1. Developmental Biology

    The Alk receptor tyrosine kinase regulates Sparkly, a novel activity regulating neuropeptide precursor in the Drosophila CNS

    Sanjay Kumar Sukumar, Vimala Antonydhason ... Ruth H. Palmer