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    Ancestral protein reconstruction reveals evolutionary events governing variation in Dicer helicase function

    Adedeji M Aderounmu, P Joseph Aruscavage ... Brenda L Bass
    Ancient animal Dicer used its helicase domain to couple the detection of foreign double-stranded RNA to efficient ATP hydrolysis and antiviral defense, but this function declined before the advent of deuterostomes and vertebrates.
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    Adolescent length growth spurts in bonobos and other primates: Mind the scale

    Andreas Berghänel, Jeroen M.G. Stevens ... Verena Behringer
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    2. Microbiology and Infectious Disease

    The evolution of colistin resistance increases bacterial resistance to host antimicrobial peptides and virulence

    Pramod K Jangir, Lois Ogunlana ... Craig R MacLean
    Resistance genes that spread as a result of the use of an antimicrobial peptide (colistin) in agriculture (MCR) protect bacteria against key components of human and animal immune systems.
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    Characterisation of an Escherichia coli line that completely lacks ribonucleotide reduction yields insights into the evolution of parasitism and endosymbiosis

    Samantha DM Arras, Nellie Sibaeva ... Anthony M Poole
    An Escherichia coli line lacking deoxyribonucleotide synthesis has been created and subjected to experimental evolution, revealing that endosymbionts and pathogens that lack ribonucleotide reduction avoid loss of deoxyribonucleotides to central metabolism by disruption of the salvage pathway.
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    The evolution and structure of snake venom phosphodiesterase (svPDE) highlight its importance in venom actions

    Cheng-Tsung Pan, Chien-Chu Lin ... Wen-Guey Wu
    Snake venom phosphodiesterase (svPDE), one of the critical venom components, is co-opted from the ancestral ENPP3 gene that makes membrane-anchored ENPP3 into secretory svPDE by using an alternative 5' exon.
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    Complex plumages spur rapid color diversification in kingfishers (Aves: Alcedinidae)

    Chad M Eliason, Jenna M McCullough ... Michael J Andersen
    Treating color patterns in a geometric morphometrics framework reveals rapid rates of color evolution that are explained by a combination of intrinsic organismal features (color variation among patches) and geography within a cosmopolitan radiation of birds.
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    Linking genotypic and phenotypic changes in the LTEE using metabolomics

    John S. Favate, Kyle S. Skalenko ... Premal Shah
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    2. Microbiology and Infectious Disease

    Competition between lysogenic and sensitive bacteria is determined by the fitness costs of the different emerging phage-resistance strategies

    Olaya Rendueles, Jorge AM de Sousa, Eduardo PC Rocha
    The emergence and evolution of different phage-resistance strategies during coevolution between a phage-sensitive strain and a polylysogenic competitor depend on the amount of phage pressure, the fitness costs of resistance, and how these may change at different time scales.