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    1. Evolutionary Biology

    mirror determines the far posterior domain in butterfly wings

    Martik Chatterjee, Xin Y. Yu ... Robert D. Reed
    1. Evolutionary Biology

    Circadian Rhythms: Cnidarians are CLOCKing in

    Erica R Kwiatkowski, Patrick Emery
    Studies of the starlet sea anemone provide important insights into the early evolution of the circadian clock in animals.
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    1. Evolutionary Biology

    A direct experimental test of Ohno’s hypothesis

    Ljiljana Mihajlovic, Bharat Ravi Iyengar ... Yolanda Schaerli
    1. Computational and Systems Biology
    2. Evolutionary Biology

    Experimental evolution for the recovery of growth loss due to genome reduction

    Kenya Hitomi, Yoichiro Ishii, Bei-Wen Ying
    Diversified genetic and transcriptional changes in parallel evolved Escherichia coli populations for improved growth revealed that the evolution complementing genome reduction was like all roads leading to Rome.
    1. Evolutionary Biology

    Synthetic analysis of trophic diversity and evolution in Enantiornithes with new insights from Bohaiornithidae

    Case Vincent Miller, Jen A Bright ... Michael Pittman
    Enantiornithine birds reached similar dietary diversity to modern birds in a similar amount of time many millions of years earlier, but how exactly they did that requires further research.
    1. Evolutionary Biology

    Stochastic parabolic growth promotes coexistence and a relaxed error threshold in RNA-like replicator populations

    Mátyás Paczkó, Eörs Szathmáry, András Szilágyi
    An individual-based model framework of sub-exponentially growing replicator systems suggests that parabolic dynamics could have been able to maintain genetic diversity and circumvent the error threshold problem during early evolution.