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    Potassium-mediated bacterial chemotactic response

    Chi Zhang, Rongjing Zhang, Junhua Yuan
    Escherichia coli exhibits sensitive chemotaxis to potassium, mediated by differential responses of Tar and Tsr chemoreceptors to intracellular pH changes induced by potassium concentration gradients.
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    Neuroinfectiology of an atypical anthrax-causing pathogen in wild chimpanzees

    Tobias Gräßle, Carsten Jäger ... Markus Morawski
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    Neutralizing gut-derived lipopolysaccharide as a novel therapeutic strategy for severe leptospirosis

    Xufeng Xie, Xi Chen ... Yongguo Cao
    Gut dysbiosis is involved in severe leptospirosis that is related to translocated microbiota-derived lipopolysaccharide.
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    Bacterial vampirism mediated through taxis to serum

    Siena J Glenn, Zealon Gentry-Lear ... Arden Baylink
    Enteric bacteria associated with bloodstream infections are attracted to human serum through L-serine and the chemoreceptor Tsr, and in an enterohemorrhagic lesion model use chemotaxis to invade damaged vasculature.
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    Proteolytic cleavage and inactivation of the TRMT1 tRNA modification enzyme by SARS-CoV-2 main protease

    Kejia Zhang, Patrick Eldin ... Dragony Fu
    SARS-CoV-2 infection reduces the intracellular levels of a human tRNA modification enzyme and alters host tRNA modification profiles.
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    Beyond the Colony-Forming-Unit: Rapid Bacterial Evaluation in Osteomyelitis

    Qi Sun, Kimberley Huynh ... Dongqing Yang