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    Acute ampakines increase voiding function and coordination in a rat model of SCI

    Sabhya Rana, Firoj Alom ... Aaron D Mickle
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    Body size as a metric for the affordable world

    Xinran Feng, Shan Xu ... Jia Liu
    1. Neuroscience

    Morphology and ultrastructure of external sense organs of Drosophila larvae

    Vincent Richter, Anna Rist ... Andreas S. Thum
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    The neurodevelopmental trajectory of beta band oscillations: an OPM-MEG study

    Lukas Rier, Natalie Rhodes ... Matthew J. Brookes
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    Noradrenaline release from the locus coeruleus shapes stress-induced hippocampal gene expression

    Mattia Privitera, Lukas M. von Ziegler ... Johannes Bohacek
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    Parahippocampal neurons encode task-relevant information for goal-directed navigation

    Alexander Gonzalez, Lisa M Giocomo
    Parahippocampal neurons increase their activity rates following navigational errors, and the error signal magnitude is related with overall task performance.
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    Smell and Aftersmell: Fast Calcium Imaging Dynamics of Honey Bee Olfactory Coding

    Marco Paoli, Antoine Wystrach ... Martin Giurfa