Figure 4—source data 1. | Admixture into and within sub-Saharan Africa

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Admixture into and within sub-Saharan Africa

Figure 4—source data 1.

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Wellcome Trust Centre for Human Genetics, United Kingdom; Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, United Kingdom; Medical Research Council Unit, The Gambia; Royal Victoria Teaching Hospital, The Gambia; Centre National de Recherche et de Formation sur le Paludisme, Burkina Faso; University of Rome La Sapienza, Italy; Navrongo Health Research Centre, Ghana; Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital, Ghana; University of Buea, Cameroon; KEMRI-Wellcome Trust Research Programme, Kenya; Kilimanjaro Christian Medical College, Tanzania; London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, United Kingdom; College of Medicine, University of Malawi, Malawi; University of Bamako, Mali
Figure 4—source data 1.Results of the main GLOBETROTTER analysis.

Analysis refers to whether the main or masked analysis was used to produce the final result. Admixture P-values are based on 100 bootstrap replicates of the NULL procedure. Our resulting inference, res can be: 1D (two admixing sources at a single date); 1MW (multiple admixing sources at a single date); 2D (admixture at multiple dates); NA (no-admixture); U (uncertain). max(R1) refers to the R2 goodness-of-fit for a single date of admixture, taking the maximum value across all inferred coancestry curves. FQ1 is the fit of a single admixture event (i.e. the first principal component, reflecting admixture involving two sources) and FQ2 is the fit of the first two principal components capturing the admixture event(s) (the second component might be thought of as capturing a second, less strongly-signalled event. M is the additional R2 explained by adding a second date versus assuming only a single date of admixture; we use values above 0.35 to infer multiple dates (although see Supplementary Text for details). As well as the final result, for each event we show the inferred dates, αs and best matching sources for 1D, 1MW, and 2D inferences. Inferred dates are in years(+ 95% CI; B=BCE, otherwise CE); the proportion of admixture from the minority source (source 1) is represented by α. Date confidence intervals are based on 100 bootstrap replicates of the date inference


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