Episode 30: June 2016

Image by Smith et al, subject to CC-BY 4.0

June 2016

Episode 30

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In this episode we hear about drug production, early career researchers, honeybees, human migrations and pain.

Green drug factories

A new way to produce a malaria drug using tobacco plants

  1. Research Article by Fuentes et al.

Lost generation

Is science at risk of losing talented researchers to other professions?

  1. Feature article by Taylor et al.

Secrets of flight

Honeybees adjust the position of their antennae as they fly

  1. Research Article by Roy Khurana and Sane.

On the move

How humans have migrated around Africa in the last 10,000 years

  1. Research Article by Busby et al.

Thinking of pain

Brain imaging reveals how we experience someone else’s pain

  1. Research Article by Krishnan et al.