Episode 19: March 2015

Image by Smith et al, subject to CC-BY 4.0

March 2015

Episode 19

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In this episode of the eLife podcast we hear about herpes, breweries, model organisms, social interactions in rats and traumatic brain injuries in flies.

Protecting against herpes

Researchers have made a breakthrough in the search for a vaccine.

  1. Research Article by Petro et al.
  2. Insight by Bolland and Pierce.

Sudden impact

What can experiments on flies teach us about traumatic brain injuries?

  1. Research Article by Katzenberger et al.

Biology in a brewery

Where there's beer, there's bacteria.

  1. Research Article by Bokulich et al.

The wild frontier

Why we need to learn more about the natural history of model organisms.

  1. Collection by Baldwin.

A social network

Watching what happens in the brain of a rat during a social interaction.

  1. Research Article by Tendler and Wagner.