Episode 25: November 2015

Image by Smith et al, subject to CC-BY 4.0

November 2015

Episode 25

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In this episode we hear about deep-sea bacteria, cigarette smoke and lung disease, antibiotic resistance, unconscious perception, and the benefits of sleep.

Friends or foe?

Why do the bacteria in deep-sea mussels have so many toxin-like genes?

  1. Research Article by Sayavedra et al.

Dark materials in the lung

The elemental carbon in cigarette smoke causes inflammation and emphysema in the lung.

  1. Research Article by You et al.
  2. Insight by Russell and Blalock.

Highs and lows

A mathematical model has been used to explore different approaches to minimizing antibiotic resistance.

  1. Research Article by Colijn and Cohen.

Sleep on it

A nap during the day helps with the retention of important memories.

  1. Short Report by Igloi et al.

Now you see it

Unconscious perception does not exist.

  1. Research Article by Peters and Lau.