Episode 28: March 2016

Image by Smith et al, subject to CC-BY 4.0

March 2016

Episode 28

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In this episode we hear about aging, artificial fingertips, ancient DNA, antibiotic resistance and dengue fever.

Gender divide

The guts of male and female fruit flies age differently

  1. Short Report by Regan et al.

Feeling better

An artificial fingertip can recreate a sense of touch

  1. Research Article by Oddo et al.

Why did plagues stop?

DNA from 18th century teeth reveals plague secrets

  1. Research Article by Bos et al.

Following the food chain

Genomics can track antibiotic resistance during beef production 

  1. Research Article by Noyes et al.

Risk assessment

An early warning system for dengue fever

  1. Research Article by Lowe et al.