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Episode 60: September 2019

In this episode we hear about how sex makes female bees go blind, the cost of unnecessary medical procedures, how birds can fly over the Himalayas, an eLife author's trip to space and more.
Episode 60: September 2019
Image credit: Public domain
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  1. 0:33
    The cost of medical reversals
    There is a high price to pay for ineffective medical procedures.
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  2. 8:06
    High flyers
    How do bar-headed geese cope with low oxygen levels when flying over the Himalayas?
  3. 15:33
    Not just about neurons
    A new study uses mice to explore a blindspot of mental health research: the role of non-neuronal cells in the brain.
  4. 21:39
    When sex does make you go blind
    Something in bee sperm impairs the queens' vision, stopping them from mating with other males.
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  5. 26:55
    Growing a retina on a chip
    More refined lab-grown retinas may help to study disease.
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  6. 33:50
    To eLife and beyond
    eLife author Jessica Meir spoke to us about her trip to space