Review Articles

Review Articles are intended to bring readers up-to-date with research on important topics. Review Articles are commissioned by Senior Editors.

Latest articles

    1. Medicine

    Phosphate as an adjunct to calcium in promoting coronary vascular calcification in chronic inflammatory states

    Gordon L Klein
    Phosphate and calcium from resorbing bone can find their way to the coronary circulation and contribute to atherosclerotic calcification of the blood vessels.
    1. Computational and Systems Biology

    Statistical and computational methods for integrating microbiome, host genomics, and metabolomics data

    Rebecca A Deek, Siyuan Ma ... Hongzhe Li
    Advanced statistical and computational methods are reviewed and compared for integrating microbiome, host genomics, and metabolomics data, together with future research directions.
    1. Epidemiology and Global Health

    Misstatements, misperceptions, and mistakes in controlling for covariates in observational research

    Xiaoxin Yu, Roger S Zoh ... David B Allison
    This quick reference guide for researchers addresses common misconceptions in the use of covariates in observational research and offers tips for preventing misstatements and mistakes.
    1. Cancer Biology

    Recording and classifying MET receptor mutations in cancers

    Célia Guérin, David Tulasne
    Classification of MET mutations allows a better understanding of sensitivity and resistance to targeted therapies used in cancer.
    1. Medicine

    Current perspectives on the multiple roles of osteoclasts: Mechanisms of osteoclast–osteoblast communication and potential clinical implications

    Valentina Daponte, Katrin Henke, Hicham Drissi
    A comprehensive review focusing on the role of osteoclasts as active regulators of bone homeostasis by influencing osteoblast function explores the currently known mechanisms and coupling factors involved in osteoclast–osteoblast communication and their potential as treatments for bone diseases.
    1. Immunology and Inflammation

    Variation in the basal immune state and implications for disease

    Aisha Souquette, Paul G Thomas
    An integrative conceptual and mathematical framework of immune variation that includes unique basal profiles associated with differential susceptibility to disease, distinct acute immune signatures associated with disease severity, and how different determinants can lead to individual pathways of illness outcome.
    1. Neuroscience

    Designing optimal behavioral experiments using machine learning

    Simon Valentin, Steven Kleinegesse ... Christopher G Lucas
    Recent advances in Bayesian optimal experimental design have made it possible to improve the efficiency and informativeness of experiments using machine learning, and shed new light on considerations that affect machine learning assisted experimental designs and computational models in general.
    1. Cell Biology

    Location, location, location: Protein kinase nanoclustering for optimised signalling output

    Rachel S Gormal, Ramon Martinez-Marmol ... Frédéric A Meunier
    This article reviews the latest studies that have used super-resolution microscopy and cluster analysis methodologies to study the mechanism of protein kinase signalling hubs and their organisation at nanoscale.
    1. Ecology
    2. Evolutionary Biology

    Sensory collectives in natural systems

    Hannah J Williams, Vivek H Sridhar ... Amanda D Melin
    A synthetic, prospective article considers how the fields of sensory ecology and collective behaviour can combine when considering animal collective movements and interactions, and how these fields can inspire each other to advance understanding of animal behaviour, adaptation and evolution.
    1. Neuroscience

    Circular and unified analysis in network neuroscience

    Mika Rubinov
    Circular analyses of knowledge are a common, serious, but often manageable problem in systems and network neuroscience.