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    Activin A marks a novel progenitor cell population during fracture healing and reveals a therapeutic strategy

    Lutian Yao, Jiawei Lu ... Maurizio Pacifici
    Activation of Activin A-expressing progenitor cells emerges as a pivotal mechanism in bone fracture healing, shedding light on a potential therapeutic avenue to augment bone repair processes.
    1. Developmental Biology
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    Microstructural differences in the osteochondral unit of terrestrial and aquatic mammals

    Irina AD Mancini, Riccardo Levato ... Jos Malda
    Analysis of the osteochondral unit of aquatic mammals reveals a distinctly different tissue structure, lacking the arcade-like collagen fiber organization, a calcified cartilage layer and a dense subchondral bone plate, typically seen in osteochondral tissue of terrestrial mammals.
    1. Biochemistry and Chemical Biology
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    BRAIDing receptors for cell-specific targeting

    Hui Chen, Sung-Jin Lee ... Yang Li
    A novel strategy to activate the WNT pathway in a cell type selective manner by linking designer ligands with target cell specific bridging receptors.
    1. Developmental Biology
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    Regulation of multiple signaling pathways promotes the consistent expansion of human pancreatic progenitors in defined conditions

    Luka Jarc, Manuj Bandral ... Anthony Gavalas
    The signaling requirements to decouple proliferation of pancreatic progenitors from differentiation were elucidated and employed for the reproducible expansion, under GMP-compliant conditions, of pancreatic progenitors derived from different human pluripotent stem cell lines.
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    Iron chelation improves ineffective erythropoiesis and iron overload in myelodysplastic syndrome mice

    Wenbin An, Maria Feola ... Yelena Ginzburg
    Dysregulated erythroblast-specific iron trafficking and regulation of iron metabolism provides evidence of a novel potential therapeutic target to reverse ineffective erythropoiesis in MDS.