Episode 34: December 2016

Image by Smith et al, subject to CC-BY 4.0

December 2016

Episode 34

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In this episode we hear about fossil footprints, taking medical research to the clinic, sleepy flies, team-working ants and diversity in science.

Stepping back in time

Fossil footprints reveal that some of our human-like ancestors could have been taller than we thought

  1. Research Article by Masao et al.
  2. Insight by Jungers.

Making the most of preclinical evidence

A new approach helps researchers to assess data from many small-scale studies before designing clinical trials

  1. Research Article by Lalu et al.

The “food coma” effect

The size and nutritional content of meals influences how sleepy a fly feels afterwards

  1. Research Article by Murphy et al.

Off the beaten track

A new kind of ant trail helps ants collectively navigate back to the nest while carrying a large food item.

  1. Research Article by Fonio et al.

Diversity in science

How can we ensure that minority backgrounds are fairly represented in science?

  1. Feature article by Gibbs et al.