Episode 36: February 2017

Image by Smith et al, subject to CC-BY 4.0

February 2017

Episode 36

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In this episode we hear about epilepsy, the sushi-belt model of transport in neurons, a mother in ancient Troy, the Amazon rainforest and bias in scientific reporting.

Oxygen and epilepsy

Decreased blood flow in the brain is responsible for post-seizure symptoms in rats with epilepsy

  1. Research Article by Farrell et al.

Testing the sushi-belt model

Simulations illuminate a tradeoff between speed and precision in the movement of proteins and other molecules around neurons

  1. Research Article by Williams et al.

Lessons from Troy

Archaeological evidence suggests that a young woman from ancient Troy died from a pregnancy-related infection

  1. Short Report by Devault et al.

Disturbing the carbon balance

Climate affects the ability of the Amazon rainforest to store carbon after selective logging

  1. Research Article by Piponiot et al.

Distorting the facts

A bias towards publishing positive results is making it harder to distinguish between true and false claims in science

  1. Feature article by Nissen et al.