Reviewed Preprints

Preprints that have been invited for review by eLife are published as Reviewed Preprints and include an eLife assessment, public reviews and a response from the authors (if available).


    1. Cell Biology
    2. Neuroscience

    Translational regulation enhances distinction of cell types in the nervous system

    Toshiharu Ichinose, Shu Kondo ... Hiromu Tanimoto
    1. Neuroscience
    2. Structural Biology and Molecular Biophysics

    Molecular tuning of sea anemone stinging

    Lily S He, Yujia Qi ... Nicholas W Bellono
    1. Neuroscience

    Contributions of associative and non-associative learning to the dynamics of defensive ethograms

    Quan-Son Eric Le, Daniel Hereford ... Jonathan P. Fadok
    1. Developmental Biology
    2. Neuroscience

    Temporal transcriptomic dynamics in developing macaque neocortex

    Longjiang Xu, Zan Yuan ... Xiaozhong Peng
    1. Ecology
    2. Neuroscience

    Exploring natural odour landscapes: A case study with implications for human-biting insects

    Jessica L. Zung, Sumer M. Kotb, Carolyn S. McBride
    1. Developmental Biology
    2. Genetics and Genomics

    DMRT1 is a testis determining gene in rabbits and is also essential for female fertility

    Emilie Dujardin, Marjolaine André ... Maëlle Pannetier
    1. Biochemistry and Chemical Biology

    Structural rather than catalytic role for mitochondrial respiratory chain supercomplexes

    Michele Brischigliaro, Alfredo Cabrera-Orefice ... Erika Fernández-Vizarra