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    Axonal T3 uptake and transport can trigger thyroid hormone signaling in the brain

    Federico Salas-Lucia, Csaba Fekete ... Antonio Bianco
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    ErbB signalling is a potential therapeutic target for vascular lesions with fibrous component

    Suvi Jauhiainen, Henna Ilmonen ... Johanna P Laakkonen
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    Transcriptome network analysis implicates CX3CR1-positive type 3 dendritic cells in non-infectious uveitis

    Sanne Hiddingh, Aridaman Pandit ... Jonas JW Kuiper
    CX3CR1-positive dendritic cells are altered in patients with non-infectious uveitis.
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    Biological brain age prediction using machine learning on structural neuroimaging data: Multi-cohort validation against biomarkers of Alzheimer’s disease and neurodegeneration stratified by sex

    Irene Cumplido-Mayoral, Marina García-Prat ... OASIS study
    Brain-Age delta is a non-invasive marker of biological brain aging that is sensitive to the presence of risk factors and altered biomarkers of Alzheimer's disease in non-demented individuals.
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    Local generation and efficient evaluation of numerous drug combinations in a single sample

    Vlad Elgart, Joseph Loscalzo
    Engineered local heterogeneity in drug concentration is used as a tool to encode drug treatment regimens and to predict the macroscopic cellular response to drug perturbations.
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    The effects of caloric restriction on adipose tissue and metabolic health are sex- and age-dependent

    Karla J Suchacki, Benjamin J Thomas ... William P Cawthorn
    The health benefits of caloric restriction, including decreasing body fat and blood glucose, differ between males and females and this difference depends on the age at which caloric restriction begins.
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    A systematic assessment of preclinical multilaboratory studies and a comparison to single laboratory studies

    Victoria T Hunniford, Agnes Grudniewicz ... Manoj M Lalu
    Preclinical multilaboratory studies are a robust method to assess promising interventions.
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    The need to change: Is there a critical role of midlife adaptation in mental health later in life?

    Friederike Thams, Stefanie Brassen
    A new developmental model of cognitive-emotional adaptation in midlife builds on current findings from lifespan psychology, cognitive neuroscience, and research in late-life depression.
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    Study of efficacy and longevity of immune response to third and fourth doses of COVID-19 vaccines in patients with cancer: A single arm clinical trial

    Astha Thakkar, Kith Pradhan ... Balazs Halmos
    Third dose of COVID-19 vaccine leads to seroconversion in 56% cancer patients that are seronegative after primary vaccination and a fourth can further boost immune response in patients with hematologic malignancies, which can be predicted by IgM and CD19 levels.
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    Tracing the path of 37,050 studies into practice across 18 specialties of the 2.4 million published between 2011 and 2020

    Moustafa Abdalla, Salwa Abdalla, Mohamed Abdalla
    Comprehensive decade-long analysis of point-of-care resources reveals insights into how clinical research makes its way into practice across different medical specialties and through time to enable us to identify potential translational bottlenecks in the pathway from research to practice.