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    The proportion of randomized controlled trials that inform clinical practice

    Nora Hutchinson, Hannah Moyer ... Jonathan Kimmelman
    The majority of trials possess at least one characteristic that may compromise their ability to guide clinical practice.
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    Activation of targetable inflammatory immune signaling is seen in myelodysplastic syndromes with SF3B1 mutations

    Gaurav S Choudhary, Andrea Pellagatti ... Amit Verma
    SF3B1 mutation in myelodysplastic syndromes and acute myeloid leukemia lead to oncogenic long isoforms of IRAK4 that are therapeutically targetable.
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    Biphasic regulation of osteoblast development via the ERK MAPK–mTOR pathway

    Jung-Min Kim, Yeon-Suk Yang ... Jae-hyuck Shim
    Genetic and biochemical analyses uncover a dichotomy of ERK pathway functions in osteoblasts, whereby ERK activation promotes the early differentiation of osteoblast precursors, but inhibits the subsequent differentiation of committed osteoblasts via mTOR-mediated regulation of mitochondrial function and SGK1.
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    Interleukin-33 regulates the endoplasmic reticulum stress of human myometrium via an influx of calcium during initiation of labor

    Li Chen, Zhenzhen Song ... Guoying Zhang
    IL-33 plays an important role in the initiation of labor by leading to stress of the ER via an influx of calcium ions in human uterine smooth muscle cells.
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    Gaucher Disease: Microglia orchestrate neuroinflammation

    Ricardo A Feldman
    Experiments in genetically altered mice reveal that microglia play an important role in the neurological damage associated with neuro-nopathic Gaucher disease.
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    Neuroinflammation in neuronopathic Gaucher disease: Role of microglia and NK cells, biomarkers, and response to substrate reduction therapy

    Chandra Sekhar Boddupalli, Shiny Nair ... Pramod K Mistry
    In neurodegeneration of Gaucher disease, glucosylceramides trigger neuroinflammation via attrition of homeostatic microglia and transition to lipid-laden damage-associated microglia concurrently with infiltration of diverse immune cells including activated NK cells and CCR2+ macrophages, ameliorated by substrate reduction therapy.
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    MKK6 deficiency promotes cardiac dysfunction through MKK3-p38γ/δ-mTOR hyperactivation

    Rafael Romero-Becerra, Alfonso Mora ... Guadalupe Sabio
    Lack of cardiac MKK6 results in premature death with the development of heart hypertrophy and cardiac dysfunction in aging.
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    Senescent preosteoclast secretome promotes metabolic syndrome associated osteoarthritis through cyclooxygenase 2

    Weiping Su, Guanqiao Liu ... Mei Wan
    Under metabolic syndrome, joint subchondral preosteoclasts acquire a senescence-associated secretome, which causes a rapid structural alteration of subchondral bone and contributes to the development of osteoarthritis.
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    Modeling osteoporosis to design and optimize pharmacological therapies comprising multiple drug types

    David J Jörg, Doris H Fuertinger ... Peter Kotanko
    A mathematical model of osteoporosis explains why the sequence of osteoporosis medications matters for short-term and long-term treatment success.
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    Evolution of multiple omics approaches to define pathophysiology of pediatric acute respiratory distress syndrome

    Jane E Whitney, In-Hee Lee ... Sek Won Kong
    Multiple -omics approaches have provided valuable insight into the pathobiology of pediatric acute respiratory distress syndrome, and novel unbiased techniques hold promise for future discoveries.