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    The vaginal immunoproteome for the prediction of spontaneous preterm birth: A retrospective longitudinal study

    Zachary Shaffer, Roberto Romero ... Nardhy Gomez-Lopez
    The vaginal immunoproteome in pregnancy is more predictive of spontaneous preterm birth (sPTB) than maternal characteristics alone, with sPTB cases showing heightened pro-inflammatory profiles accompanied by reduced levels of antimicrobial proteins/peptides.
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    Dengue viremia kinetics and effects on platelet count and clinical outcomes: An analysis of 2340 patients from Vietnam

    Nguyen Lam Vuong, Nguyen Than Ha Quyen ... Ronald Geskus
    Higher plasma viremia levels in early dengue and a slower subsequent decline are associated with worse clinical outcomes and provide valuable outcome measures for future therapeutic intervention trials.
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    Mechano-regulation of GLP-1 production by Piezo1 in intestinal L cells

    Yanling Huang, Haocong Mo ... Geyang Xu
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    Liver microRNA transcriptome reveals miR-182 as link between type 2 diabetes and fatty liver disease in obesity

    Christin Krause, Jan H. Britsemmer ... Henriette Kirchner
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    Senescence of endplate osteoclasts induces sensory innervation and spinal pain

    Dayu Pan, Kheiria Gamal Benkato ... Xu Cao
    Depleting senescent osteoclasts using the senolytic drug Navitoclax (ABT263) can reduce sensory innervation in the endplate and attenuate low back pain, thus representing a potent therapy for treating spinal pain.
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    Cold induces brain region-selective neuronal activity-dependent lipid metabolism

    Hyeonyoung Min, Yale Y Yang, Yunlei Yang
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    Phosphate as an adjunct to calcium in promoting coronary vascular calcification in chronic inflammatory states

    Gordon L Klein
    Phosphate and calcium from resorbing bone can find their way to the coronary circulation and contribute to atherosclerotic calcification of the blood vessels.
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    Single-cell transcriptome analysis of cavernous tissues reveals the key roles of pericytes in diabetic erectile dysfunction

    Seo-Gyeong Bae, Guo Nan Yin ... Jihwan Park
    Single-cell RNA sequencing analysis of diabetic mouse cavernous tissue revealed that LBH is a novel pericyte marker and may interact with Crystallin Alpha B and Vimentin to promote neurovascular regeneration.