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    Sex and prior exposure jointly shape innate immune responses to a live herpesvirus vaccine

    Foo Cheung, Richard Apps ... Jeffrey I Cohen
    In a study of a herpes simplex virus (HSV) vaccine, the combination of sex and prior exposure to the virus resulted in HSV naive women mounting a prominent type I interferon response associated with reduced neutralizing titers to HSV.
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    Is calcium a link between inflammatory bone resorption and heart disease?

    Gordon L Klein
    A mechanism is proposed that allows investigators to study interventions to delay onset of heart disease in patients suffering from chronic inflammatory disease with bone loss.
    1. Cancer Biology
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    Procalcitonin for antimicrobial stewardship among cancer patients admitted with COVID-19

    Hiba Dagher, Anne-Marie Chaftari ... Issam Raad
    Procalcitonin could be useful in enhancing antimicrobial stewardship in cancer patients with COVID-19.
    1. Cell Biology
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    Cellular features of localized microenvironments in human meniscal degeneration: a single-cell transcriptomic study

    Weili Fu, Sijie Chen ... Xuegong Zhang
    A single-cell transcriptome atlas reveals meniscal microenvironment variations during degeneration and cellular heterogeneity foundations of the inner–outer zone differences, suggesting novel cell subtypes as potential therapeutic targets.
    1. Developmental Biology
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    Meta-Research: The need for more research into reproductive health and disease

    Natalie D Mercuri, Brian J Cox
    An analysis of publications and research grants shows that the volume of research on reproductive organs is much less than that on non-reproductive organs.
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    2. Physics of Living Systems

    High spatial resolution analysis using automated indentation mapping differentiates biomechanical properties of normal vs. degenerated articular cartilage in mice

    Anand O Masson, Bryce Besler ... Roman J Krawetz
    The method presented here allows researchers to retrieve accurate and reproducible biomechanical properties of mouse cartilage.