Episode 32: September 2016

Image by Smith et al, subject to CC-BY 4.0

September 2016

Episode 32

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In this episode we hear about ancient proteins, aging mice, mosquito nets, resourceful plants and cocktail party conversations.

Going back in time

Fragments of ancient proteins are preserved in ostrich eggshells

  1. Research Article by Demarchi et al.
  2. Insight by Wallace and Schiffbauer.

Good listeners

Exploring the neuroscience of the cocktail party effect

  1. Research Article by Oberfeld and Klöckner-Nowotny.

Great expectations

The drug rapamycin increases life expectancy in middle-aged mice

  1. Research Article by Bitto et al.

Net gains

Modelling the effectiveness of bednets against mosquitoes and malaria

  1. Research Article by Churcher et al.

Dry spells

The ways that plants respond to drought can be changed

  1. Research Article by Liu et al.