Episode 8: January 2014

Image by Smith et al, subject to CC-BY 4.0

January 2014

Episode 8

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In this episode of the eLife podcast we discuss rats, ants, sharks and rays, and the pathogen that causes corn smut in maize.

Lost at sea

Over half of all shark and ray species are “threatened or near threatened” according to new estimates.

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  2. Insight by Bradley and Gaines.

Why rats don't rat on other rats

A rat will help another rat if it is familiar with that type of rat, even if it has not met the actual rat before.

  1. Research Article by Ben-Ami Bartal et al.

Complex problem solved

Researchers have worked out the structure of a protein complex that is involved in the destruction of T helper cells by HIV.

  1. Research article by Ren et al.

Into the maize

The pathogen that causes corn smut in maize employs a sophisticated strategy to increase its virulence.

  1. Research Article by Tanaka et al.

Evolution at work in ants

The body shapes of queen ants and worker ants have evolved in different ways to reflect their different roles.

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  2. Insight by Tautz.