A series of articles on the philosophy of biology
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Helga Groll

Philosophy of Biology

A series of articles offering philosophical perspectives on the life sciences.
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Philosophers of science have become increasingly interested in biology over the past few decades. At first, the focus was on evolution but, as this series of articles will demonstrate, the philosophy of biology now encompasses a wide range of topics. The first articles in the series discuss philosophical bias, synthetic biology, regeneration and the nature of stem cells.


  1. Philosophy of Biology: From primal scenes to synthetic cells

    Hub Zwart
    Philosophy may help to explore the potential impacts of synthetic cells.
    1. Stem Cells and Regenerative Medicine

    Philosophy of Biology: Towards a classification of stem cells

    Lucie Laplane, Eric Solary
    The occurrence, progression and treatment of cancer may be linked to changes in the nature of stemness.
  2. Philosophy of Biology: Understanding regeneration at different scales

    Kate MacCord, Jane Maienschein
    To understand how regeneration works across the different scales of living systems, we first need to identify the essential components underlying this process.
  3. Philosophy of Biology: Philosophical bias is the one bias that science cannot avoid

    Fredrik Andersen et al.
    Scientists should be aware of the non-empirical assumptions that influence all kinds of research.