Episode 16: November/December 2014

Image by Smith et al, subject to CC-BY 4.0

November/December 2014

Episode 16

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In this episode of the eLife podcast we hear about reproducibility, drug resistance, cells without walls, gene transfer, interspecies signalling, and stem cells.

Repeat performances

The Reproducibility Project: Cancer Biology will replicate selected experiments from 50 high-impact papers in preclinical cancer biology research.

  1. Feature article by Errington et al.

The one and only

It may be possible to use one drug, rather than several, to tackle viral infections.

  1. Research Article by Tanner et al.

Off the wall

Some bacteria can survive and thrive despite not having a cell wall.

  1. Research Article by Mercier et al.
  2. Insight by Claessen and van Wezel.

Spreading far and wide

The genes responsible for antibiotics can spread between all three of the domains of life.

  1. Research Article by Metcalf et al.
  2. Insight by Catchpole and Poole.

Fatal attraction

A beetle pheromone that lures nematode worms to an insect host can also stop their development or even kill them outright.

  1. Research Article by Cinkornpumin et al.
  2. Insight by Ringstad.

Niche work

When an epithelial stem cell divides, why does one of the new cells remain a stem cell while the other becomes a specialized cell?

  1. Research Article by Castanieto et al.