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    1. Computational and Systems Biology

    Lack of evidence for increased transcriptional noise in aged tissues

    Olga Ibañez-Solé, Alex M Ascensión ... Ander Izeta
    An increase in transcriptional noise generally assumed to characterize aged cells and tissues is shown to derive instead from technical and biological issues that underlie single-cell RNA sequencing experiments.
    1. Computational and Systems Biology
    2. Neuroscience

    Cellular composition and circuit organization of the locus coeruleus of adult mice

    Andrew McKinney, Ming Hu ... Xiaolong Jiang
    Interrogating mouse locus coeruleus via large-scale multipatch whole-cell recordings uncovers its cellular heterogeneity and cell-type-specific wiring logic.
    1. Computational and Systems Biology
    2. Developmental Biology

    MorphoFeatures for unsupervised exploration of cell types, tissues, and organs in volume electron microscopy

    Valentyna Zinchenko, Johannes Hugger ... Anna Kreshuk
    Unsupervised machine learning on the ultrastructure and shape of cells in volume electron microscopy yields a compact representation of cellular morphology that complements genetics-based cell type characterisation.
    1. Computational and Systems Biology
    2. Developmental Biology

    Machine Learning: Finding the right type of cell

    Louis K Scheffer
    A new method allows researchers to automatically assign cells into different cell types and tissues, a step which is critical for understanding complex organisms.
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    1. Computational and Systems Biology
    2. Evolutionary Biology

    Evolved bacterial resistance to the chemotherapy gemcitabine modulates its efficacy in co-cultured cancer cells

    Serkan Sayin, Brittany Rosener ... Amir Mitchell
    Mutations conferring resistance to Escherichia coli against the chemotherapy drug gemcitabine can have opposite effects on bacterial drug degradation and therefore can increase or decrease the chemotherapy load on neighboring cancer cells.
    1. Computational and Systems Biology
    2. Neuroscience

    A hardware system for real-time decoding of in vivo calcium imaging data

    Zhe Chen, Garrett J Blair ... Hugh T Blair
    DeCalciOn is a low-cost open-source hardware system for real-time in vivo calcium imaging that offers capabilities for online decoding of neural population activity and delivery of short latency closed-loop feedback in freely behaving animals.
    1. Computational and Systems Biology
    2. Genetics and Genomics

    Uncovering perturbations in human hematopoiesis associated with healthy aging and myeloid malignancies at single-cell resolution

    Marina Ainciburu, Teresa Ezponda ... Felipe Prosper
    Single-cell transcriptomics reveals altered pathways, gene expression dynamics, and activation of transcriptional programs in human early hematopoiesis during healthy aging and myelodysplastic syndromes.
    1. Computational and Systems Biology
    2. Immunology and Inflammation

    The use of non-functional clonotypes as a natural calibrator for quantitative bias correction in adaptive immune receptor repertoire profiling

    Anastasia O Smirnova, Anna M Miroshnichenkova ... Alexander Komkov
    A hallmark property of non-functional clonotypes was used to develop a universal and fully computational method for detection and correction of multiplex PCR-specific quantitative bias in adaptive immune receptor repertoire.
    1. Computational and Systems Biology

    Generative power of a protein language model trained on multiple sequence alignments

    Damiano Sgarbossa, Umberto Lupo, Anne-Florence Bitbol