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    1. Evolutionary Biology
    2. Genetics and Genomics

    The genomic footprint of social stratification in admixing American populations

    Alex Mas Sandoval, Sara Mathieson, Matteo Fumagalli
    1. Medicine

    A single-cell atlas depicting the cellular and molecular features in human anterior cruciate ligamental degeneration: A single cell combined spatial transcriptomics study

    Runze Yang, Tianhao Xu ... Weili Fu
    Single-cell combined spatial transcriptomics provides the molecular foundation for investigating how ligamental cell identities, biochemical functions, and interactions contributed to the ligamental degeneration process.
    1. Neuroscience

    Two human brain systems micro-structurally associated with obesity

    Manfred G Kitzbichler, Daniel Martins ... Neil A Harrison
    Revealing two distinct brain systems linked to obesity, this research illuminates the intricate relationship between obesity, brain microstructure and genetics with potential implications for treatment and prevention.
    1. Epidemiology and Global Health
    2. Medicine

    Pharmacometric assessment of primaquine induced haemolysis in glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase deficiency

    Sasithon Pukrittayakamee, Podjanee Jittamala ... Nicholas J White
    1. Biochemistry and Chemical Biology

    Growth inhibitory factor/metallothionein-3 is a sulfane sulfur-binding protein

    Yasuhiro Shinkai, Yunjie Ding ... Yoshito Kumagai
    1. Cancer Biology

    Netrin signaling mediates survival of dormant epithelial ovarian cancer cells

    Pirunthan Perampalam, James I. MacDonald ... Frederick A. Dick
    1. Evolutionary Biology

    Evolutionary druggability: leveraging low-dimensional fitness landscapes towards new metrics for antimicrobial applications

    Rafael F. Guerrero, Tandin Dorji ... C. Brandon Ogbunugafor
    1. Cancer Biology
    2. Medicine

    Open-top Bessel beam two-photon light sheet microscopy for three-dimensional pathology

    Won Yeong Park, Jieun Yun ... Ki Hean Kim