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    1. Cell Biology

    The termination of UHRF1-dependent PAF15 ubiquitin signaling is regulated by USP7 and ATAD5

    Ryota Miyashita, Atsuya Nishiyama ... Makoto Nakanishi
    1. Chromosomes and Gene Expression
    2. Immunology and Inflammation

    Maternal obesity blunts antimicrobial responses in fetal monocytes

    Suhas Sureshchandra, Brianna M Doratt ... Ilhem Messaoudi
    Maternal obesity and high-fat diet present metabolic, signaling, and epigenetic impediments to pathogen recognition in fetal innate immune cells that result in a state of immune paralysis during gestation and at birth.
    1. Physics of Living Systems

    Dynamics of cooperative excavation in ant and robot collectives

    S Ganga Prasath, Souvik Mandal ... L Mahadevan
    Observations of ant excavation from a confining corral, along with theoretical models and synthetic robot experiments show the emergence of cooperation induced by pheromones in a malleable environment that is moulded by and moulds collective behavior.
    1. Epidemiology and Global Health
    2. Microbiology and Infectious Disease

    Future COVID19 surges prediction based on SARS-CoV-2 mutations surveillance

    Fares Z Najar, Evan Linde ... Pratul K Agarwal
    A real-time genomic surveillance approach based on mutation analysis of SARS-CoV-2 proteins has enabled a priori prediction of surge in number of COVID19 infection cases, including those already observed in July and September 2022.
    1. Cancer Biology

    Arginase 1 is a key driver of immune suppression in pancreatic cancer

    Rosa Elena Menjivar, Zeribe C Nwosu ... Marina Pasca di Magliano
    1. Neuroscience

    Pallidal neuromodulation of the explore/exploit trade-off in decision-making

    Ana Luisa de A. Marcelino, Owen Gray ... Tom Gilbertson
    1. Cell Biology
    2. Neuroscience

    Synaptic vesicle proteins are selectively delivered to axons in mammalian neurons

    Emma T Watson, Michaela M Pauers ... Edwin R Chapman
    Using carefully controlled expression levels and a variety of optical pulse-chase assays in mammalian neurons, an updated model for the polarized transport of synaptic vesicle proteins, and the first steps of synaptic vesicle biogenesis, were uncovered.
    1. Neuroscience

    Successor-like representation guides the prediction of future events in human visual cortex and hippocampus

    Matthias Ekman, Sarah Kusch, Floris P de Lange
    Early visual cortex (V1) and hippocampal cortex represent a predictive map of the visual world akin to the successor representation.