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    1. Neuroscience

    Regulation of presynaptic Ca2+ channel abundance at active zones through a balance of delivery and turnover

    Karen L Cunningham et al.
    Voltage-gated calcium channel delivery to synaptic active zones (AZs) occurs broadly across the population, correlates with AZ size, and is regulated by α2δ, while channel recycling is promoted by new delivery to generate an upper limit on AZ accumulation.
    1. Cell Biology
    2. Genetics and Genomics

    Distinct elongation stalls during translation are linked with distinct pathways for mRNA degradation

    Anthony J Veltri et al.
    Genetic screens and functional assays utilizing reporter mRNAs triggering NGD or COMD provide a basis for understanding the unique contributions of each pathway to translation-coupled mRNA decay and contextualizes their effects in the larger cellular process of translation surveillance.
    1. Cell Biology

    Selective endocytosis controls slit diaphragm maintenance and dynamics in Drosophila nephrocytes

    Konrad Lang et al.
    To maintain the filtration barrier, slit diaphragms are cleansed by rapid cycles of raft-mediated endocytosis, while dynamin-dependent endocytosis prevents lateral diffusion of slit diaphragm protein.
    1. Neuroscience

    Mapping odorant sensitivities reveals a sparse but structured representation of olfactory chemical space by sensory input to the mouse olfactory bulb

    Shawn D Burton et al.
    Large-scale mapping of sensory input to the mouse olfactory bulb reveals exceptionally narrow tuning of olfactory receptor input to glomeruli and defines a functional map of glomerular sensitivities that is structured with respect to olfactory chemical space.
    1. Physics of Living Systems
    2. Structural Biology and Molecular Biophysics

    Lactoferricins impair the cytosolic membrane of Escherichia coli within a few seconds and accumulate inside the cell

    Enrico F Semeraro et al.
    The damage of the bacterial cell envelope is found to be only a secondary effect of the antimicrobial activity of lactoferricin derivatives.
    1. Cell Biology

    Transferrin receptor 1-mediated iron uptake regulates bone mass in mice via osteoclast mitochondria and cytoskeleton

    Bhaba K Das et al.
    Transferrin receptor 1-mediated iron uptake plays a pivotal role in osteoclast energy metabolism and cytoskeleton and regulates bone remodeling in female mice.
    1. Cell Biology

    Arl15 upregulates the TGFβ family signaling by promoting the assembly of the Smad-complex

    Meng Shi et al.
    The active small G protein, Arl15-GTP, interacts with the MH2 domain of Smad4 and positively regulates the TGFß family signaling pathway by promoting the assembly of the Smad-complex.
    1. Neuroscience

    Impaired astrocytic Ca2+ signaling in awake-behaving Alzheimer’s disease transgenic mice

    Knut Sindre Åbjørsbråten et al.
    Noradrenaline-mediated astrocytic Ca2+ signaling in behavior is reduced in awake-behaving tg-ArcSwe Alzheimer's disease transgenic mice.