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    1. Microbiology and Infectious Disease

    Evolution of a functionally intact but antigenically distinct DENV fusion loop

    Rita M Meganck, Deanna Zhu ... Longping V Tse
    Operating as a serum profiling tool for dengue infection and vaccination, the D2-FLM variant, which is insensitive to antibody-dependent enhancement-prone fusion loop antibodies, also offers potential for a safer dengue virus vaccine.
    1. Evolutionary Biology
    2. Neuroscience

    Broca’s area, variation and taxic diversity in early Homo from Koobi Fora (Kenya)

    Amélie Beaudet, Edwin de Jager
    A computer-assisted revision of a unique fossil from Kenya supports the hypothesis that the modern features of our brain emerged recently in the human evolutionary history.
    1. Cell Biology
    2. Chromosomes and Gene Expression

    The kleisin subunit controls the function of C. elegans meiotic cohesins by determining the mode of DNA binding and differential regulation by SCC-2 and WAPL-1

    Maikel Castellano-Pozo, Georgios Sioutas ... Enrique Martinez-Perez
    Meiosis-specific cohesin complexes differing in their kleisin subunit display different chromosome binding dynamics and perform specialised functions in sister chromatid cohesion, chromosome axis organisation, and double-strand break repair.
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    1. Neuroscience

    Manganese-enhanced magnetic resonance imaging reveals light-induced brain asymmetry in embryo

    Elena Lorenzi, Stefano Tambalo ... Angelo Bifone
    The protocol reported can open the way to investigation of the effects of a variety of sensory stimulations on brain activity in embryo.
    1. Biochemistry and Chemical Biology
    2. Cell Biology

    The Axin scaffold protects the kinase GSK3β from cross-pathway inhibition

    Maire Gavagan, Noel Jameson, Jesse G Zalatan
    A biochemical approach using the Wnt pathway as a model system demonstrates a new mechanism for specificity in interconnected signaling networks through scaffold-mediated shielding of bound proteins.
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    1. Epidemiology and Global Health

    A review of HPV and HBV vaccine hesitancy, intention, and uptake in the era of social media and COVID-19

    Emily K Vraga, Sonya S Brady ... Shalini Kulasingam
    A review of the current empirical literature underscores the need for longitudinal research examining potential spillover effects between hesitancy, intention, or uptake for the COVID vaccine and HPV and HBV vaccines, especially to account for social media misinformation.
    1. Developmental Biology
    2. Plant Biology

    ECS1 and ECS2 suppress polyspermy and the formation of haploid plants by promoting double fertilization

    Yanbo Mao, Thomas Nakel ... Rita Groß-Hardt
    The endopeptidases ECS1 and ECS2 regulate double fertilization and their modulation is a powerful tool for the induction of haploids and the formation of triparental plants, which are two agronomically relevant breeding targets.
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    1. Cancer Biology

    Precision RNAi using synthetic shRNAmir target sites

    Thomas Hoffmann, Alexandra Hörmann ... Ralph A Neumüller
    Artificial RNA interference is a novel loss-of-function method for highly stringent target validation in oncology and beyond.
    1. Ecology
    2. Evolutionary Biology

    Megafaunal extinctions, not climate change, may explain Holocene genetic diversity declines in Numenius shorebirds

    Hui Zhen Tan, Justin JFJ Jansen ... Frank E Rheindt
    Application of museomics facilitates characterization of the contribution of historical factors to genetic diversity declines in Numenius shorebirds and highlights that extinction of ecosystem-engineering megafauna may have been detrimental for open-landscape species.
    1. Microbiology and Infectious Disease

    A human-specific motif facilitates CARD8 inflammasome activation after HIV-1 infection

    Jessie Kulsuptrakul, Elizabeth A Turcotte ... Patrick S Mitchell
    HIV-1 infection activates the human CARD8 inflammasome via innate immune recognition of HIV-1 viral protease activity.
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