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Cell Biology

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    Synchronization of oscillatory growth prepares fungal hyphae for fusion

    Valentin Wernet, Marius Kriegler ... Reinhard Fischer
    Fungal hyphae constantly undergo signal oscillations, comparable to a cell 'monologue' until they meet another hypha with which they then coordinate signal oscillations and transit into a cell-to-cell dialogue.
    1. Cell Biology
    2. Microbiology and Infectious Disease

    A CRISPR-based rapid DNA repositioning strategy and the early intranuclear life of HSV-1

    Juan Xiang, Chaoyang Fan ... Pei Xu
    An inducible two-component CRISPR-based platform that rapidly repositions HSV-1 genomes to the nuclear edge unveils intranuclear space heterogeneity for the incoming viral genomes and dynamic stages of the host-virus interplay during early infection.
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    2. Neuroscience

    Translational regulation enhances distinction of cell types in the nervous system

    Toshiharu Ichinose, Shu Kondo ... Hiromu Tanimoto
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    Mitochondrial defects caused by PARL deficiency lead to arrested spermatogenesis and ferroptosis

    Enrico Radaelli, Charles-Antoine Assenmacher ... Marco Spinazzi
    Mitochondrial functional and structural defects caused by PARL deficiency lead to arrested spermatogenesis and germ cell ferroptosis.
    1. Cell Biology

    CRB3 navigates Rab11 trafficking vesicles to promote γTuRC assembly during ciliogenesis

    Bo Wang, Zheyong Liang ... Peijun Liu
    The apical polarity protein CRB3 is crucial for regulating vesicle trafficking in γ-tubulin ring complex assembly during ciliogenesis and cilium-related Hedgehog and Wnt signaling pathways in tumorigenesis.

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