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Cell Biology

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    circHIPK3 nucleates IGF2BP2 and functions as a competing endogenous RNA

    Trine Line Hauge Okholm, Andreas Bjerregaard Kamstrup ... Christian Kroun Damgaard
    A dysregulated circular RNA in bladder cancer controls oncogenic pathways by tethering specific RNA-binding proteins, which in turn inhibits their normal functions.
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    Katanin, kinesin-13 and ataxin-2 inhibit premature interaction between maternal and paternal genomes in C. elegans zygotes

    Elizabeth A Beath, Cynthia Bailey ... Francis J McNally
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    Multi-omic analysis of bat versus human fibroblasts reveals altered central metabolism

    N Suhas Jagannathan, Javier Yu Peng Koh ... Lisa Tucker-Kellogg
    To investigate why bats are long-lived and cancer-resistant, multi-omic data from bat and human cells was analyzed using computational flux modeling, suggesting dysregulation of succinate-fumarate dynamics and an ischemic-like basal metabolism in bat cells.
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    Human receptive endometrial organoid for deciphering the implantation window

    Yu Zhang, Rusong Zhao ... Han Zhao
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    Hsp47 promotes biogenesis of multi-subunit neuroreceptors in the endoplasmic reticulum

    Ya-Juan Wang, Xiao-Jing Di ... Ting-Wei Mu
    Hsp47 positively regulates the functional surface expression of endogenous GABAA receptors and plays a critical and general role in the maturation of Cys-loop neuroreceptors.
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    Stimulation-induced cytokine polyfunctionality as a dynamic concept

    Kevin Portmann, Aline Linder, Klaus Eyer
    Resolving parallel and concurrent cytokine secretion is essential to studying polyfunctional cytokine-secreting cells, and to differentiating immune response granularity from unwinding the complexity and heterogeneity of cytokine responses.
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    Changes in local mineral homeostasis facilitate the formation of benign and malignant testicular microcalcifications

    Ida Marie Boisen, Nadia Krarup Knudsen ... Martin Blomberg Jensen

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