• Getting ready to open

    Clusters of synapses develop in the primary visual cortex in young mice before they open their eyes for the first time.

    Alexandra H Leighton, Juliette E Cheyne, Christian Lohmann
    Research Article
  • Neurons, puberty and fertility

    Glutamate signaling from leptin-responsive neurons is required for typical puberty and reproductive function in female mice.

    Cristina Sáenz de Miera, Nicole Bellefontaine ... Carol F Elias
    Research Article
  • Allosteric regulation of kinases

    Special Issue: Modern cellular, biochemical, biophysical and computational techniques are allowing deeper and more detailed studies of allosteric kinase regulation.


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    An Advanced Bacterial Single-cell RNA-seq Reveals Biofilm Heterogeneity

    Yingying Pu, Xiaodan Yan ... Chunming Guo
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    Mapping Serotonergic Dynamics using Drug-Modulated Molecular Connectivity

    Tudor M Ionescu, Mario Amend ... Kristina Herfert
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    Remote automated delivery of mechanical stimuli coupled to brain recordings in behaving mice

    Justin Burdge, Anissa Jhumka ... Ishmail Abdus-Saboor
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    Salmonids elicit an acute behavioral response to heterothermal environments

    Robert Naudascher, Stefano Brizzolara ... Roman Stocker