• Increasing inclusion

    Recruiting researchers with Black-heritage backgrounds to a leading research centre in the UK.

    Saher Ahmed, David J Adams ... Maria Augusta Arruda
    Feature Article
  • Energy saving in fish

    Swimming in a school allows fish to reduce energy expenditure and recover faster from exercise.

    Yangfan Zhang, George V Lauder
    Research Article
  • One year of eLife’s new model

    Thousands of authors have put their trust in a new approach to publishing, as have editors and reviewers.

    Timothy E Behrens, Yamini Dalal ... Detlef Weigel

Latest research

    1. Medicine

    PSTPIP2 ameliorates aristolochic acid nephropathy by suppressing interleukin-19-mediated neutrophil extracellular trap formation

    Changlin Du, Chuanting Xu ... Taotao Ma
    PSTPIP2 reduced IL-19 secretion by inhibiting activation of the NF-κB pathway in renal tubular epithelial cells (RTECs), reducing the generation of neutrophil extracellular trap, which can participate in both aristolochic acid I-induced renal injury and apoptosis in RTECs.
    1. Biochemistry and Chemical Biology

    Senescent cells inhibit muscle differentiation via the lipid- SASP 15d-PGJ2 mediated modification and control of HRas

    Swarang Sachin Pundlik, Snehasudha Subhadarshini Sahoo ... Arvind Ramanathan
    1. Neuroscience

    Synaptotagmin 7 docks synaptic vesicles to support facilitation and Doc2α-triggered asynchronous release

    Zhenyong Wu, Grant F. Kusick ... Shigeki Watanabe