• The ins and outs of breathing

    Subpopulations of neurons in the pre-Bötzinger complex coordinate breathing with a range of physiological behaviors.

    Mariana R Melo, Alexander D Wykes ... Andrew M Allen
    Research Article Updated
  • How V. cholerae senses bile

    A complex called ToxRS is central to the mechanism by which bile acids cause Vibrio cholerae to become virulent.

    Nina Gubensäk, Theo Sagmeister ... Tea Pavkov-Keller
    Research Article Updated
  • Memory and multiple sclerosis

    A new approach to measuring visual working memory has revealed fresh insights into the origins of memory deficit in multiple sclerosis. (Photo: Pouria Motaghi CC-BY)

    Ali Motahharynia, Ahmad Pourmohammadi ... Mehdi Sanayei
    Research Article

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    Myomatrix arrays for high-definition muscle recording

    Bryce Chung, Muneeb Zia ... Samuel J. Sober
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    Boosting of neural circuit chaos at the onset of collective oscillations

    Agostina Palmigiano, Rainer Engelken, Fred Wolf
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    Early parafoveal semantic integration in natural reading

    Yali Pan, Steven Frisson ... Ole Jensen
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    Measures of genetic diversification in somatic tissues at bulk and single cell resolution

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